The everyday Bengali dish that you simply hate – Bati Chochori

A typical conversation between me and my ma last week went like this.

Me: “ What’s for breakfast?”

Ma: “ Rooti (handmade flatbread) and Bati Chochori.”

Me: “ Grooaannn…” pulling a long face. ( Note: I have been brought up on a regular diet of homemade chowmein, luchi, chirer pulao and any and every other middle class bengali delicacy you can think of! )

But to be absolutely honest to myself and that bowl of Bati Chochori, it did taste something something divine when I had it. For a dish that derives its name because it needs only one utensil (the ever dependable bengali Bati) and takes hardly 15 mins to cook, this dish sure packs a punch.

So, here’s what you need.


  •  Potato: 2 medium sized
  • Gourd (potol): 4
  • Onion: 1 medium sized
  • Green Chilli: 4
  • Salt: to taste
  • Sugar: to taste  
  • Turmeric: a sprinkle
  • Mustard oil: 2 tsp



  1. Dice up the potatoes, onions, gourds into small pieces. Split up the chillis.
  2. Now the most important part. Put everything together in the bowl and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Add a bit of water if you like your veggies runny.
  3. Enjoy with Roti ( seek professional help here or better still buy the damn thing if you can rather than make maps of various countries and invading them! ), hot rice or simply eat it straight from the bowl.

 I can totally envision my gourmet breakfasts all changing to Bati Chochori after my Ma reads this post, so wish me luck!


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  1. The Bangali bati is so dependable that we also have a hair cut named after it “batichaat”.

    Jokes apart, bati chochori is always a favourite dish of mine. Pair it with paratha and nothing beats that 🙂

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