Smoke House Deli- Fantastic Food, Old Friends, a Deli-ghtful Evening

Team Hungry Hallows were at Smoke House Deli for the October meet of the Kolkata Food Fanatics.

We were welcomed by a few of their unique cocktails. Among the ones we tried, the refreshing and at the same time tangy Tangerine Mojito was the showstopper. The Watermelon Martini and the Melon Sangria were beautiful. However the Paan flavored Caprioska which had been recommended was comparatively rather flat and disappointing.


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Among the starters, we simply loved the Seafood Cake and the BBQ Chicken Wings. The Seafood Cake was stunningly flavoursome and arguably the dish of the day.The BBQ Chicken Wings were tender and succulent and we really liked the barbeque  sauce which was rich without being overpowering. The Lamb Kibbeh was impeccably well cooked. The Assorted Bruschetta and jerk potato wedges were decent without being too fancy.  The Paprika Puffs with Wasabi Salsa needed to be far more zesty.


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The SHD Three Bean Salad and The Soba Noodle with Asparagus and Minted Zucchini were up next. Both were simple, refreshing and uncannily tasty. We found the Oak Ash Chevre and Californian Orange Salad a bit boring after tasting the other two.


We also tried the Sun Dried Tomato with Artichoke and Cheddar Pizza and the Nicoise Style Pizza. The liberal use of toppings and the use of good quality cheese were the two things that caught our fancy  in both the pizzas.

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The mains comprised of Tenderloin Strips with Shitake Mushrooms followed by Red Snapper. The tenderloin strip was beautifully done with tender meat in a subtle yet flavoursome meat sauce. The meat, the mushrooms, the mashed potatoes and the sauce together made for one divine dish. The Red Snapper was perfectly cooked but lacked in seasoning. It was served with sauteed veggies and a rather bland mashed potato (which they changed on voicing our concerns) .

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For the desserts we had the Philly Cheesecake and the Bitter Chocolate Orange Ganache. The Cheesecake was nice but we felt the consistency was a bit off and it should have been a little smoother. The Ganache was decent but we would have loved the chocolate to be a bit more bitter than what it actually was, to better complement the orange.

To go with the food and the company, the  warm and attentive staff and the ambiance and décor done predominantly in white contributed in making sure we had an enjoyable time at the Smoke House Deli.

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