The Sensational Brunch at The Seasonal Tastes, The Westin

The pioneer of overeating in Kolkata was perhaps sector 5. The new office para of the city brimming with well paid IT professionals perhaps wanted a bit of a fancy tadka to go with their regular daal bhat and hence were born the legendary “unlimited buffet” restaurants with their on table grills, decent range of starters and fancy desserts. This genre of overeating has seen a lot of change over the years and has mostly lost its charm and the menus have become a tad too repetitive. 
But all that changed for the better when JW Marriott entered the scene! It’s buffet and brunch caught everyone’s fancy and how! 
The Sunday Brunch of The Westin (another Marriott property) outshines it’s sister concern by some distance!
We had gone to this amazing brunch as a part of a Kolkata Food Fanatics (KFF) meet and after a lot of deliberation on how to write about something that encompasses 14 to 15 different counters of food and over 200 dishes if not more, we decided to just show you the pictures and write about what tasted exceptional (most of them did!). We have forgotten most of the names as were very busy thoroughly enjoying ourselves over a proper #bhuribhoj!
There is a counter where you start off (well atleast we thought so!). Take your pick of bread, put on some butter/cheese of your choice, sone sauteed veggies. Skip the soup though.
Move to the cold cuts, drool over them, eat, overeat, drool some more, then remind yourself that this is only the second counter and move on!  Btw, this table has some excellently presented dishes which is very impressive considering this is a buffet! The salmon deserves a special mention. It was stunning.
Then there’s this live grill counter where you can get your choice of satay, steak and other grilled goodies made for you as per your preference.
As you wait for your grills, move to the pasta counter, order some great handmade pasta made as per your specs. Close your eyes as you drift to heaven. We ordered the ham and mascarpone filled tortellini pasta and it truly was heaven. The ham stuffing was generous and the cheese sauce was sublime.
Open your eyes and move to a counter beside the grill, take your pick from dumplings, kebabs, salmon in carrot jus , quail, paneer, lamb and many more items . Most of them were great, the lamb shank was excellent! And the paneer kebab was one of the creemiest (the spelling error was intentional! :P) I have ever tasted!
Move on to the chat , nachos and seafood counters one by one. Was too busy with my meats to eat from them but they look really inviting and colorful.
Then there’s the mains counter where they have great biryani and golbari style kosha mangso. The kosha mangsho stood out in terms of the tender meat and the perfect balance of spices. It was a perfect side to the lovely pulao.
 There’s an entire counter of Jain food with around 30 items. We are not Jain, sorry about that.
The chef also made us sample one of the signature dishes here. The slow cooked chicken breast and compressed chicken leg with egg yolk morels and turnip and asparagus. It is indeed a beautiful creation. 
Then there’s the dessert counter with an instagrammers paradise notice outside it.  I counted 42 types of desserts . But only a few of them were genuinely good. This was something that disappointed us a bit. Most of the desserts were too gelatinous and similar in taste.
Disclaimer : Team Hungry Hallows were invited as part of the Kolkata Food Fanatics for a sunday brunch at a price of Rs. 1000 AI.


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