A Food Walk to Remember and Savour

Last couple of months has been really hectic for all three of us. With all the running around and making an effort to cram stuff, finding time for our blog has been difficult. I have enrolled in a coaching institute whose classes run upto 12 hours at a stretch and sometimes when I have come down for these classes after 24 hours of hospital emergency duty, these classes have been a battle royale to keep my eyes open. But very proverbially, the silver lining of these classes has been the street food hub near Mahajati Sadan (common venue for these 12 hour torture sessions) that I have come to love. So, the very first opportunity when I was not cramming, Blah wasn’t cramming and Ankurda wasn’t on his duties at Burdwan, we went down to Ram Mandir for this little street food soiree!

Pav Bhaji @ Rs. 40 a plate.

Two pavs with really good bhaji and a little bit of onion lemon salad on the side makes for a perfect snack all throughout the year. Served piping hot on a tray, this is something you will love even if you don’t have Maharashtrian genes! Soya Chowmein @ Rs. 35 a plate.

This is street food chowmen at its best! Its oily, its salty, its full of Agina Moto but when was the last time we cared about them. Right? So this very tasty yellow chow with ample soya nuggets served with gravy and fresh onions on top is sure to leave you satiated but unfortunately thirsty!

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Grilled cheese corn sandwich @ Rs. 70

 There are two places selling this, I prefer the one beside the shop selling momos and chilli corns, although its 10 bucks costlier. This sandwich should be enrolled for the World’s Cheesiest Sandwich trophy if there is something like it! Its loaded with mayonese, sweet corn and cheese and then covered with buttered slices and grilled to perfection. Served with potato chips and ketchup! Bliss!

Idli @ Rs. 10 a plate

@ idlis for 10 bucks is a steal, but this is something you shouldn’t have. Terrible idlis. The dosa and the vadas are better and worth a try if you are looking for healthier options (LOL!)
Kulfi @ Rs. 30 a plate

Really good sweet and creepy kulfi with syrup and generous amounts of falooda is a very good way to end your meal here.

Cha @ Rs. 8 a bhanr

No kolkatan will ever say no to a good bhanr of cha and this guy makes a really good sweet tea to pep up your mood if you are having a tiring day.

Special mention: Gulabjamuns

These small balls of heaven are absolute melt in your mouth and must try if you are here.

There are also options of kachauris, crispy chilli baby corn, momos, sweets and a shop selling rice, naans and paneer stuff. All decent stuff. All pure veg (you might have guessed that by now)!

 Who says pure veg cannot be exciting?



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