Quick Fix Noodles

Every student in their hostels, everyone working away from home faces one major problem. What to make and what to take for lunch that will not use up the entire day. Although I haven’t lived away from home for long, but being a mix of sloth and hogger I have faced this problem all my life. This has always led me to develop quick fix recipes, to satiate my ever present hunger. These recipes are the result of endless searches or recipes online, quickly scribbled notes from chefs and cooks here and there.
This Quick Fix noodles is what I make when I’m craving Indian street Chinese noodles and am obviously in no mood for an elaborate recipe.


Noodles 1 packet
Sausage 5 / Eggs 2
Onion 1
Bell pepper Red/Green/Yellow any 1
Soya sauce  2 teaspn
Vinegar  2 teaspn
Tomato ketchup 1 tbsp
Oil 6 tbspn
Salt to taste
1 bottle of cold water.

Step 1- Bring the water to boil and add the noodles with a pinch of salt.
Step 2- In the meanwhile chop the vegetables and the sausages. Preferably Julienne the bell peppers ( slicing it longitudinally, keeping its curve)
Step 3- Once the noodles are just done, strain them.
Step 4- In a large bowl of cold water  drop the noodle and  set aside. This is done so that the noodles don’t stick to each other when fried.
Step 5-  In a frying pan heat 3 tspn of oil, and fry all the veggies and the sausages in them. Set aside.
Step 6- in the same pan add the rest of the oil. strain properly and add the noodles in the pan, and fry.
Step 7- Add the vegetables and the sausages and the sauces. Mix and taste.
Step 8- Add salt as much as desired. Since we add the sauces which already have salt in them, hence we add salt at last.

The best thing about this recipe is you can substitute almost all the ingredients as per availability. You can add beans and carrots, you can add eggs instead of sausages, or boiled chicken chunks, you can add chicken stalk to the sauce. You can add garlic, or just fry it all with pepper and salt instead of the sauces. Get creative and have fun.



    • Sure. And do let us know how you liked it. If you post a photo in instagram or facebook of your noodles please use #hallowed_be_thy_hunger.

  1. Nice one…but which procedure is better to avoid the stickiness of the noodles? Is it better to add some drops of oil in the boiling water or to do as mentioned above???

    • I don’t prefer to add some oil while boiling, because I get this feeling that the noodles won’t absorb the flavour of the sauces. But do let us know what you think.

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