Pal Dhaba : The first story from Chandigarh

It’s been more than a month since I moved to Chandigarh and it has taken me some time to settle in. For quite some time I have been meaning to write something, but the fact that I take terrible photos and that my perpetually hungry group polishes off anything on the plate before I can even take out my phone ( sorry, no DSLR!) have made it tedious to churn out a post.

So last night while enjoying some delicious (and extremely oily) Dhaba food I decided to write this post accompanied by some terrible terrible pictures!

After a month of fancy restaurants and pubs, I finally managed to enter a place that looked, felt and smelled like a dhaba! Really missed the charpais’ though as this place had an open air seating with plastic tables strewn about.

Pal Dhaba, as I have been told, is the best no frills, great quantity, good food  place in Chandigarh. Serving hungry souls since 1960, there is a smaller sibling with the same name just diagonal to it but apparently that is not too good and result of some family feud.

Our dinner started with soya and fish tikka. The soya tikka is something which is commonly had here but I had never tasted previously. Its nothing like the soya nuggets we have at home. See poorly taken picture for reference. It was well charred and tasty, a well made tikka.

The fish tikka surprised me! Restaurant after restarting have I tried, searching for decent enough fish and finally I got to have some really tasty fish tikka which did not smell like a refrigerator! I wish they had the fish curry available as well.

We had some really good fall-of-the-bone and melt-in-your-mouth mutton but I felt it could have done with a bit more seasoning.  The matar paneer was not very nice though. It was a watery oily sort of thing which was full of matar and few pieces of paneer.

All this with lachcha paranthas and tandoori rotis underlined a beautiful end to a beautiful evening.

P.S. I loved the after meal condiments which came with gur (jaggery) instead of the regular sugar cubes commonly found everywhere else.

P.P.S. A special thank you to Treshita, Sakshi maam and Fathima maam for the company and the meal.


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