Launch of two new flavours at Pabrais

When I was a kid, I remember having had a fascinating tender coconut ice cream from somewhere in Mumbai during a family trip. I do not remember the place but the taste of that ice cream stayed with me. I craved and searched for a similar version in Kolkata for a very long time without any sort of success. When I had almost given up, I remember trying out Pabrais when it first opened up in Kolkata a pretty long time back from now. No prizes for guessing the first thing I decided to try. The tender coconut, of course. And bingo! Salvation! Loved it. 

Ever since I have been a regular at Pabrais to not only satisfy my cravings for the personal favourites like the tender coconut, the iconic nalen gur ( I do not like Nalen gur at all but I LOVE the ice cream version!)and the paan to name a few, but also to try out the many new and unique varieties they regularly come up with.
The freshness of the products, the unique range of options and the cheerful staff have made Pabrais my go to place for ice creams.
I was invited for a session with co bloggers and the owners of Pabrais for the launch of two new flavours. It was a great experience interacting with the Pabrais and getting to know more about ice creams and their passion for the same.

Now, coming to the two new flavours that have been launched. One is the simple unadulterated imli (tamarind). Imli in an ice cream form is definitely unique and they plan to introduce further versions of the imli like the Chilli and the salted imli. I personally will be looking forward to the salted imli. Sounds promising to me!
The other new flavour that has been launched is the black truffle ice cream. Black truffle is one of the most expensive and sophisticated items to be used in different preparations. But to use black truffle in an ice cream is hitherto un heard of. Although the taste might take some getting used to, the concept and the implementation deserves appreciation. The truffles have been imported all the way from Paris!
Pabrais have also launched a range of milkshakes and thick shakes which are refreshing yet filling!
Disclaimer: Team Hungry Hallows were invited by the management for a tasting session

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