Jingle All The Way with Bon Appetit

Nip in the air, the bengalis wearing their monkey-caps (a sort of balaclava), start of the Test Cricket season and Bon Appetit- the cafe’s annual Cake Mixing. Christmas is almost here.


 Cake mixing is a tradition dating back to the 17th century, where all fruits, nuts and other such ingredients used to make the traditional rich English plum cake were soaked in fruit juices and alcohol and kept that way for over a month. This heady concoction was opened a few days before Christmas and used in baking the plum cakes. Some of the Cake Mix was even preserved for a whole year in the hope that the new year’s harvest would also be in plenty. The tradition has continued ever since.


 Bon Appetit held its annual cake mixing on the 11th of November and it was a fun filled colourful affair as always. From prunes, figs, blackcurrant, cherries to kishmis, murabba, cashews, almonds and tuti-fruity ; the list of sweetness seemed never ending as they lay lined up, ready to go in the huge cake mixing cauldron.




A bunch of food enthusiasts with the famous Lagnajita Chakraborty and Ramona Sen crowded around the large cauldron and poured all the ingredients in. First went the dry fruits one after the other. Add to that a wide array of booze of the likes of port wine, rum, red wine, vodka and beer and topped off with honey, golden syrup, spices and sugar and we were all set for chef Rahul Arora to churn and mix the mixture till it was lidded and wrapped securely all set to be opened just before Christmas.


There was a mocktail version of Sangria which was beautifully spiced for the guests along with other quick bites. The invitees had great fun in pouring all the diverse colourful titbits donning their mock toques and smiling away as the cake-paparazzi went mad. We also got to sample the newly introduced chocolate variety of the traditional plum cake served by Bon Appetit.



The Bon appetit plum cakes of both the traditional and chocolate and eggless varieties will be available from 19th December. You can place your order by calling the cafe, Rahul himself or order in through Swiggy. But do place your order fast as a limited number are made.

Hic Hic Hurray



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