Hunger Games:Eat your way to glory

On the 29th of September 2016, a hungry horde of around 250 students made their way to the U.N.Brahmachari Lecture Theatre in Medical College Kolkata to eat their way to glory. The serial phuchka gulper, the rosogolla chopper, the eat till you drop buffet specialist, they were all there.
The first round had participants trying to devour a plate of 5 chicken momos in the shortest time possible. And with a phenomenal time of 7 secs the tone for the afternoon was set!

The second round had participants polishing off shawarmas faster than Usain Bolting his 100m. This was followed by a 3rd round of regular size pizza eating till finally it was time for the the 5 remaining warriors to fight it out with their buckets of fried chicken!
The final round was yet more dramatic! After 3 tiebreaks, much stuffing and a couple of near throw ups (vomiting led to immediate disqualification) we finally found our champion in Arijit Dev Ghosh of Medical College Kolkata winning himself a cool cash reward of 1500 bucks.

“I hardly tasted anything as i tried to gulp down everything I put in my mouth”
-Arijit Dev Ghosh
Ritwik Pandey of Pailan College of Management and Technology finished runners up after two back to back tie breaks for the pole position. Subrata Mondal from Medical College Kolkata finished 2nd runners-up.

“I have previously eaten 60 luchis or 200 fuchkas in one go and am a fried chicken enthusiast but never tried anything like this!”
-Ritwik Pandey, Runners-up

The event was made possible by the gracious sponsoring from Overdose, Shawarma Nation, Eagle Boys Pizza and Swiggy.


A beautifully conceived and executed event, Hunger Games 2016 as part of Medical College Kolkata’s annual social Rhapsody was an event to cherish and it was pleasure to experience and judge something so unique.



  1. I had heard about this event from a friend, and after reading about it,I feel, it will be a raging success in any college fest, given the love for food we calculattans share. Way to go team hungry hallows. It will be nice if u keep a schedule on site, for your future events, for interested people to attend.

    • Sure Manidipa we shall keep all readers informed about our future events. Do subscribe or follow us on Facebook for updates 🙂

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