Food Guide to College Street- On a shoe-string budget

College street in Kolkata goes by the common name of “Boipara” (roughly translated as: book locality). But due to the high concentration of schools, colleges and universities in the area it has also published itself as a page turner of tastes with a new thrill of the tastebuds waiting for you at every page.
We went on a college street food trail and here are our picks:
Disclaimer: We were on a strictly shoestring budget but good food comes in all prices.

Chicken stew with bread at YMCA canteen


The YMCA canteen is situated at the corner of College Square near Presidency College. A tiny place with no seating, this place is a gem when it comes to hot wholesome food at pocket friendly prices!
We loved the Chicken Stew at this place. Carrots, beans, potato, soybean chunks, papaya, potato with a healthy chunk of chicken swimming in the clear broth of a stew. Polish it off with toasted bread. Slurp. All this for Rs.50!

You also get Ghugni, Liver Curry (Mete Chochori), Kheema Mutton, Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken, Egg Curry and hand made Chapatis here.

Chicken Afgani and Singara at Coffee House


Coffee House is known for its bad food, horrible service and coffee that kills. But hidden in its deplorable menu are two items that are decent to very good depending on your luck (there is no taste control).
The Chicken Afgani is a very rich dish with a fried chicken cutlet in a sweet and hot gravy with a potato wedge for company is both a filling and satisfying dish. Use bread to cut through the richness. Rs. 65 for the Afgani.

The Singara (sometimes unavailable) is a huge one and tastes very good with sweet chutney. Rs. 10.
The other items on the menu are out of bounds for anyone with a tastebud.

Juice at shop at BB Ganguly St and College St crossing


This place is famous for its Mango shake (seasonal) served with sandesh and dry fruits on top for Rs. 25! Refreshing and not too sweet, a great drink. You also get a real good Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice. The cold coffee of this place for 25 bucks again is worth trying as well.


Grilled veg cheese sandwich opposite Goenka College


A roadside stall at best but a very clean one at that, this shop serves the best sandwiches of college street. Though it also sells burgers and a few other varieties of sandwiches, the Grilled Veg cheese Sandwich is by far its signature. Fresh veggies, molten cheese, grilled to perfection and served with fries and ketchup. Warm gooey goodness for Rs. 30.


Dahi vada at Mouchak


Mouchak is a sweetshop which also serves Dahi Vada, Lassi and Dosas. The Dahi Vada is good, with a nice mix of sweetness and tanginess and a plate comes with two vadas. Price Rs.25.

The Lassi is to be left alone although the Dosa isn’t bad at all though nothing authentic.

Roast Chilli Pork at Gunjan Fast Food


Gunjan is a really really tiny place that seats only 11 people! But oh my, they know how to pork up your tastebuds! A plate comes for Rs. 140 and with generous portions it is sure to appeal to the pork fanatic in you. Half a plate of Veg Fried rice comes for 45 bucks and is more than enough for one

Chicken Momo near Central Metro (Shivaji statue gate)


Another roadside shop, this guy sells the freshest Momos in the area! Priced at Rs. 20 a plate for 8 pieces of chicken momo with soup, he sells out like crazy. There is always a huddle around his shop. (choose the one near the Mio Amore outlet. There is a pretender to the throne just beside.).
Sure they are not the best momos, but sure are tasty, hot and fresh. You even get half a plate for 10 bucks!

Other places to try in the area:

  • Chicken roll from Kitchen Restaurant. Also rumali roti and haryali chicken.
  • Butter naan and chicken reshmi butter masala at Food station (for AC comfort when your pockets are full or u have just fallen in Love)
  • Pork items in D’ley opposite Sing Cheung sauce factory.
  • Pork items especially Pork in Humei sauce in Tung Naam.
  • Idlis in Avenue Mistanna Bhandar.
  • Chilli chicken and chowmein in Dilkhusha Cabin. Mutton keema and roti is also very good.
  • Daab sherbet in Paramount.
  • South Indian from the stall beside Presidency University gate.



  1. Outstanding effort 🙂
    Almost every good stuff around college Street is covered, a wholesome food guide !
    Although you may have included “putiram” and “zeeshan”

    • Thank you for your kind words. Frankly speaking, the quality of putiram has nosedived over the years and Zeeshan doesn’t really serve good food. Hence we purposefully omitted them. Cheers.

  2. Loved meeting you yesterday. Loved reading the post. Loved the memories of the stew.
    There was a telebhaja stall by the wall on the way to Bowbazar from presidency. Still there?

    • We are thrilled that we could bring back the memories of the stew. And we are honoured that you took time out to read our tiny effort. And yes the telebhaja stall is still there and going great guns. Maybe we can share some over muri sometime? Hope to meet you soon.

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