Easy-Peasy Hot Chocolate Recipe

There is no particular season for chocolate. However there’s a nip in the air as holiday season creeps in and we are here with the easiest recipe for the most decadent hot chocolate you will ever taste. And to top it all, it only takes three basic ingredients. This recipe serves two.


75-100 gm Bitter-sweet Chocolate*

200 ml Fresh Cream (Amul)

Half Cup Milk

Sugar (optional)



  • In a heavy bottomed pan or container pour the fresh cream and mix in the milk.
  • Finely chop the bar of bitter-sweet chocolate.
  • If you prefer your hot chocolate sweeter then add some sugar according to taste.
  • Add the chocolate and sugar into the cream and milk mixture.
  • On low heat place the pan and stir slowly.
  • You will observe the chocolate melting. Stir continuously. In case you feel that the heat is getting too much, you can remove the pan from heat briefly.
  • Your Hot Chocolate is ready when all the chocolate has melted and the mixture is of a thick and smooth consistency.
  • Pour it in Cups and Enjoy.

Note : You can use a bar of Milk chocolate* instead of bitter-sweet chocolate. Also Dark Compound Chocolate can be used (preferably by Morde) if you are familiar with it. You can tweak the ratio of cream to milk to change the thickness as per your taste. You can use Coconut Cream in case you’re looking for a healthier option. You can add a marshmallow or two in the cup as you serve. In short, experiment with your hot chocolate and also don’t forget to let us know of your ingenious ideas in the comments.¬†



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