Your Dream Cake now a reality at Flurys Create Your Own Cake

Cakes, in their oldest forms were simply modifications of the quintessential bread. Over the years, cakes have evolved hugely and today it encompasses a wide range of preparations from the simple to the elaborate. Speaking of fancy elaborate cakes, Flurys have come up with this fascinating new idea of Create Your Own Cake which empowers customers to create the fancy cake of their choice.
Flurys is giving customers the chance to create their perfect cake by customising every minute detail by just choosing from a wide variety of choices starting from the sponges to the fillings to the toppings.
The options in the sponge’s flavours range from the tradiitional vanilla and chocolate to the exotic blueberry and red velvet. To compliment the sponges, the choice of fillings in either fresh cream or butter cream is equally vast. They again range from the traditional chocolate and strawberry to the fancy mocha and mint and many more.You even get to choose the toppings. The amazing range of toppings include nougat, almonds, cashew nuts and fresh fruits amongst others.
While all this sounds exciting, the execution and the taste of the cake is undoubtedly the biggest thing at the end of the day. We tasted three cakes from the CYO menu and all three were delicious and unique in their own right.
First up was the Mango and Blueberry cake in fresh cream. The cake in the layers of blue white and bright yellow looked beautiful and the best part was that it tasted even better. The freshness and the lightness and the subtle flavours impressed us thoroughly.
Next up was the Pistachio and Caramel Cake in butter cream with a topping of almonds. Although a bit on the sweeter side, this was the pick of the cakes we sampled. The rich caramel complemented the pistachio in an uncanny yet splendid manner. We also loved the bits of almond in each bite. If you have a thing for sinfully sweet delicacies this is just what you would want.
Finally, we had the chocolate and orange cake in butter cream. This was relatively more of a tried and tested combination compared to the others, yet it was executed perfectly and we liked it nonetheless.
These cakes are available across all outlets of Flurys in Kolkata. The pocket pinch is also rather reasonable starting from Rs 450 onwards.
So, if you always had a cake in your mind that you couldnt find anywhere or you thought it was too much of an effort to make it yourself, or if you simply want a fancy cake that you previously could never think of having Flurys Create Your Own is here for you.
Disclaimer: Team Hungry Hallows were invited by the management for a tasting session.


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