Christmas Cake Mixing

Even the army of White walkers can’t convince a Kolkatan that winter is coming -as weather gods fool us with rain bearing clouds in November. All the happy tidings that November brings with it are at bay, our warm clothes lie in hibernation and we feel sad, dejected and upset.

However the one thing that we can say to cheer you up is that no matter how hot our December may be, the Super Intoxicating Christmas Cakes will be ready by 15th December.

Yes, just like any other year, Rahul Arora (owner of Bon Appetit, Café Pranah and Parathewali Gali) hosted a very fun Cake Mixing. We revelled, laughed and cracked some obnoxious jokes as we emptied a bunch of liquor bottles and spice jars into a tub of nuts and other dry fruits.

It was a fun event as always with our Kolkata  Food Fanatic Family and the high tea hosted by Rahul at Café Pranah was scrumptious as well. (By the way, did you visit the new Café Pranah? It is a very colourful and peaceful place offering some really healthy and yummy food).

And we all are eagerly waiting for the final cakes. Rahul bakes more than 200 of them and they sell out like, well, hot cakes obviously. And take our word for it – these cakes are one of the most intoxicating Christmas Cakes that we have ever tasted.

Here are a few pictures of the event.

We are still drunk on the fumes! Hic!


The cakes will be available at both branches of Bon Appetit, Cafe Pranah and Parathewali Galli.


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