Campo Viejo : Wine launch and tasting

I remember the first  few times when I actually decided to try wine (more as an attempt at showing off than anything else). I ended up being unsure on so many issues as to what wine to order, what to pair it with, how to hold the glass, at what speed to drink it down and so on and so forth. While I have improved on quite a few of the aspects of drinking wine, I am still pretty much of a novice(quite unlike most other variants of alcohol!).
My first real foray into the vast, sophisticated and knowledgeable world of wines came a few days back when I was at the launch of two new Campo Viejo wines.
The breathtaking view of almost the entire Kolkata skyline from the Capella Altair was the perfect backdrop for the evening. The session was conducted by Pernod Ricard global ambassador Alexander Barre. He explained the different varieties of wines and how they are made. Let me tell you it takes a lot more than squeezing the grapes and fermenting the juice. I will not bore you with all the minute details. Sometime later perhaps.
Coming to the real deal, the two wines that were launched were the Campo viejo viura (white) and the Campo viejo tempranillo (red). They are both from Rioja, which is probably the most famous wine producing area in Spain.
We tried the white variant first. It was smooth and slightly fruity. The aromas were subtle and enjoyable.
The red one was much the stronger one. Flavorful and with a kick to it that we loved.
I personally liked the white one more. The red one was just a tad sour for my liking. But then many of the guests actually liked the red one more. (Try them and let us know your thoughts!)
The cheese platter went beautifully with both the wines. And after a whole lot of cheese and wine,all of us ended up feeling happy, lightheaded and content. At the end of the day , that for me, is the main thing. Isn’t it?
Both the wines are available at Spencer’s outlets all over Kolkata and are reasonably priced at around 1600 per bottle.
Disclaimer: Team Hungry Hallows were invited by the management for a tasting session.


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