Cafe I Can Flyy : A heart warming experience

With so many cafes mushrooming up all over the city, it is difficult for any one particular cafe to make a lasting indelible impression. Cafe ICanflyy succeeds in doing exactly that. The owners basically run an institution to educate and empower the differently abled children. They have taken this venture of theirs to the next level in the form of this cafe where they are not only providing employment to these children but also offering us the guests a lovely and unique experience altogether.

The colourful vibrant ambiance and decor of the place is sure to catch your fancy the moment you set foot.The special needs children are at the heart of the cafe. It is indeed a heart warming feeling to see these children interact with the guests and truly enjoy their work.

Coming to the food, they have a rather extensive menu extending from pizzas and sandwiches and other nibbles to cute desserts and a wide selection of hot and cold beverages.

The BBQ chicken poppers were definitely a hit. A must try. While the balsamic mushroom and three cheese pizza was cheesey and mushroomy and lovely, the chipizza which was bite sized chips topped with traditional pizza toppings was okayish.

The classic grilled chicken caesar salad was really nice. We loved the addition of toasted bits of bread that added significantly to the texture of the dish. The Honey Mustard Dijon Egg salad was light and fresh. But it lacked the hit of the mustard.

The Fettucine alfredo was done how it should be. Nice and uncomplicated. The cheese chicken maggi was something you can never go wrong with!

Among the beverages, the hot chocolate which is so aptly named “Hug in a Mug” was the standout. The choco frappe was also loaded with chocolate and should be popular among all the chocolate loyalists. The Berry and Basil Soda Infusion was a rather interesting choice that though tasted refreshing and decent, it was a tad too sweet.

Last but not the least were the desserts. The Caprese which is their signature dessert was wonderful. It is something you have to taste to believe! The macaroons are a good choice if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Apart from the food and the happy vibe the cafe also has loads of popular board games to keep you engaged and entertained. And yes they also have free wifi!

Overall Cafe ICanflyy is a wonderful noble concept that we enjoyed thoroughly!

Disclaimer: Team Hungry Hallows were invited by the management for a tasting session.


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