Brunch like a King at JW Marriott Kolkata

I guess it is fair to state that JW Marriott Kolkata (which recently completed one year) has been a success story. The expectations were high and they were duly delivered. Apart from the sophistication and the class that you would expect from Marriott the brand, for many of us where Marriott has triumphed has been in maintaining a level of affordability especially in their buffet section. This has allowed more and more people to experience the Marriott grandeur and has in turn helped in its current widespread popularity. Marriott has become a go-to place for friends and families for various celebrations. The Kolkata Food Fanatics were recently once again at the Marriott and this time it was to celebrate their Diwali together.
There is little to say of the buffet spread here that has not been stated already. The first thing that you are bound to notice is how massive and unending the buffet spread actually is. Insane is the word. We tried our best but take our word, it is impossible to cover the entire spread at one go.
I was hungry as hell and while I was going through the vast array of options, the whole roasted lamb leg in red wine jus caught my fancy and I helped myself to a generous serving. Tasty, tender, melt in the mouth stuff. The grand brunch was well and truly underway!
I went upto the salad counter next. The veggies were fresh and the innumerable options among the dressings was intriguing to say the least. One could concoct any type of salad one would fancy. We enjoyed trying our hands at various permutations and combinations. Among the non veg cold cuts, the mix seafood salad, the prawn cocktail and the turkey ham with condiments were popular picks. The roasted tenderloin was a bit underdone for my taste.
The Cheese bar was our next stop. Cheddar, Edam, Brie were among the various imported cheeses on offer. Who doesn’t like quality cheese?
Next, We headed over to the pasta station. We tried the chicken stuffed raviloi which was decent. The wild mushroom lasagna with potatoes and pesto was bit of a disappointment. There were lots of other options in customising the pasta according to your choice.
Thereafter, it was time for some good old Indian. The murgh malai tikka was sampled and it was pretty standard fare. The spicy chilli basil fish was very well  made and a perfect side to our Sangria (yes we were having cocktails too!).
We also had a pepperoni pizza which had a thin crust and a substantial amount of bacon topping. According to me a proper sunday brunch is incomplete without bacon and thus I understandably enjoyed the fair share of the bacon in the pizza.
Asian was next to crop up on our minds. The Wontons were surprisingly good specially the veg one which outdid the non veg one comfortably. The noodles that was served up from the live counter had an uncomplicated roadside feel to it that we rather liked.
How can a buffet be complete without the quintessential biryani. Blah, a true Kolkatan at heart who likes her rice and her biryani polished off one plate full of biryani effortlessly. Needless to say the Biryani was GOOD!
When we were about to head over for desserts, one thought that crossed my mind was “the only thing missing was pork”. Almost like telepathy, the chef arrived with a chef’s special honey glazed pork belly with star anise. It was delightful. The Pork addict in me was content. I had the missing piece in my jigsaw and in fact unbiassedly speaking the pork was probably the star of the star studded show.
Now finally for desserts. Trust us when we say this, we could have had a separate blog post on the dessert spread itself. It was that vast and that brilliant. If you are a dessert person you cannot afford to miss this. If in the main course section there were some preparations which were a wee bit flat, the dessert range was top notch through and through. We tried our very best to do justice to the spread, however with heavy heart we must say we had to leave out some. Enough talk, now I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.


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