A Meaty South Indian Affair

For most of us, South Indian cuisine is synonymous with Dosas, Idlis and Vadas. No disrespect to good old Dosas and Idlis, (I quite like them myself but yes once in a while that is!), South Indian cuisine as we know it can get a bit monotonous and one dimensional. This is all the more so for people like me who are hardcore meat lovers. (I decided against doing my post graduation anywhere in South India because I couldn’t imagine myself surviving on Dosas and Idlis day in and day out.)

But if you look at the various different cuisines that constitute South Indian food as a whole, meat actually forms an integral part of Kerala, Coorgi and Andhra cuisine, to name a few, which had for long been largely unexplored in the Kolkata food scene. Now with so many new and unique places opening up, we decided to explore meaty south indian food options in and around Desapriya Park and Southern Avenue and here’s what we thought of it.

1.       Dosa @ Twist

Lets start with dosas, shall we? If non veg south indian sounds like an oxymoron, a non veg dosa should definitely sound like a joke. But as the name of this place suggests, they actually twist the concept of the traditional dosa and do so wonderfully well and much to the delight of the meat lover in me. The Egg Mutton Cheese Dosa here is to die for. It may not be traditional but it sure is a treat. The fried egg smeared on the dosa much like the egg rolls and the generous portion of mildly spiced tender mutton keema with a layering of molten cheese was a unique and enjoyable experience. They have a huge range of combinations available to customise the dosa according to your preference. If you are a dosa lover or a meat lover this is something that deserves a shot.

2.       Ammini

Specialising in Kerala cuisine, the Mutton Olathede and the simple Chicken Kozhi Curry here has us drooling. We have had this multiple times and have loved it each and every time. The Mutton is very spicy, flavourful well cooked meat this is traditional, tasty and truly a must try. The Chicken on the other hand is full of subtle flavours and is light on your tongue and stomach. Have them with rice or appam or the Malabar paratha or as it is.You will thank us later.

3.       Pappadam

This is a relatively new place that has come up near Mudiali Club in Southern Avenue. We tried the Mutton Stew here and were thoroughly impressed. Comfort food at its very best. The stew with succulent chunks of mutton had the perfect not too thick and not too thin consistency.

The flavours involving the coconut and the curry leaves were subtle yet tantalizing. The soothing ambiance and the comforting stew is just a perfect combination to try out this winter.

4.       Tamarind

When we talk of non veg south indian food, this place deserves a mention simply because it was one of the first places to introduce us Kolkatans to this genre of food. Over all these years this place has maintained a fair degree of consistency. The Chicken Chettinad here is one of our picks. This is also one of those rare places where you actually get a decent Hyderabadi Biryani. The Mutton Coorg fry that we tried here recently and of which we had high expectations turned out to be a disappointment.

5.       The Coastal Macha

This is currently one of the most popular and trending places and we could see why. Apart from all the sea food delicacies, it also has a wide range of options for the ones who love their meat. The skilfully done Mutton sukka was slightly less spicy than the traditional ones. We quite liked this as it allowed the flavours to be enjoyed that bit more. Red and gorgeous in appearance, the Mutton Ghee Roast here is a must have. Melt in the mouth mutton with the flavour of the ghee in each bite was sublime to say the least. We also loved the Mutton Vindaloo that they served up. Now we know what the hype is all about.

Thus there is definitely more to South Indian cuisine than the stereotyped dosas. Do let us know your views! Happy Eating!


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