5 Muggle ways to get by in the kitchen

Like Mr. Weasley, you all might have wondered how things in the muggle kitchen are the way they are. It might (or might not!) have been your life’s ambition to find out how nonstick pans became not to stick. Here’s us enlightening you of  how things are done the muggle way in the kitchen. 

1.The melting candy bar and the microwave oven.



Well, all good things in life start (and end?) with candy. Right? The microwave oven was invented just that way in 1945. Mr. Percy Spencer was working with radar technology (sci-fi James Bond-ish style) when he noticed that the candy bar in his pocket melt. Radar forgotten, he set about cooking with the microwaves that he was working with. He made popcorn (much cheaper than the small tub @ INOX for Rs.140) and then an egg which exploded on his face. And although he had egg on his face, he had invented the microwave oven!

2.Canned Food was discovered well before we knew that bacteria were responsible for spoiling it!


Though Napoleon was short, he was never short-sighted. During his wars, his government announced a reward for anyone who could keep food from getting spoiled during the summer campaigns! A French baker Appert (known for his stale cakes) (Just kidding!) in 1809 where food cooked in jars and sealed, stayed unspoilt for long. Though he won the prize, but the wars were lost before the process could be perfected.

It would be another 50 years before Louis Pasteur came to the limelight.

3.The discovery of Teflon and nonstick cookware.


Roy Plunket was trying to make a new refrigerant ( Himami Dermicool as endorsed by his dear friend Mr. Khan was not working!) when he noticed a sticky tarry substance in a glass. It turned out to be PTFE (Teflon) and was used extensively in manufacturing atom bombs to contain radioactivity.

It was only in 1954 that the wife of a French engineer urged (fictional statement by wife: “Why don’t you cook rather than sit around and fish. Should have listened to dad and married the rich lord he chose for me….”) him to try the material he had been using as fish tackle on her cooking pans.

And, voila, nonstick cookware!

4.Pizza Boxes


Pizzas were not always delivered in boxes (Just like babies were not always delivered by storks!). They were delivered in metal cans, cake boxes and even plates but the result was as successful as teaching politicians to keep shut.

The present Pizza box was never patented but is thought to have been made by Dominoes.Made of cardboard, plane blanks, foldability without adhesives, stickability and ventilation slots, and most importantly water vapour absorbing material made the modern pizza boxes.

5.Invention of modern toaster


Earlier, toasting bread was a hassle as the wire over which you put the toast melted in the process and what you got instead of toast was a metallic-bread lump. Cool if you are a robot, not so much as a human. All this was solved in 1905 when an alloy called Nichrome was invented which became red hot when heated but did not melt. So, the modern electric toaster was invented (Mr. Weasley would have been proud!).

Efforts are currently being made on to print food vie 3D printers. We shall let you know when you can print your pasta.


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