3 Harry Potter themed drinks in Kolkata

As Newt Scamander starts his journey to find Fantastic Beasts (in a theatre near you from 18th Nov), Harry Potter fever is on us again. We hereby bring to you a list of Harry Potter themed food from restaurants and cafes around the city.

1.Butterbeer at Woodstock 1969, Kalighat


This is one drink that is close to the hearts of all Harry Potter fans. The countless times that Harry, Ron and Hermione have bonded over Butterbeer and celebrated friendship is sheer magic. Woodstock 1969 serves the drink and it is everything you expect butterbeer to be. Its frothy, buttery and you get a tinge of that beery taste. Wonderful. Priced at 179 and 189 for the cool and warm varieties. It is worth it.


2.The Dementor’s Kiss at Chaiwala, Tollygunge

Served in a tall glass. It is a red drink luring you with the pretence of being sweet but is actually stingingly hot as an aftertaste. We did not quite like it. But it remains true to its name and decent as a concept. Have it for its novelty. Priced at 130 rupees.


3.Wingardium Leviosa (Potter's Choice) at Hoppipola


Another mocktail. Priced at 140 rupees plus tax is an over-sweet concoction of frothy strawberry. It is sure to delight anyone overly fond of sweet but we found it extremely average at best.


P.S. Polyjuice Potion at The Corner Courtyard .

This was a cocktail made from gin, strawberries, black pepper and tonic water (thankfully no toenails or hair!). But alas, the menu does not show this anymore.

Disclaimer : We have taken a few images from Google, anybody claiming ownership please contact for credits. Thank you.


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