100 years of MPOC in India

Open any newspaper these days and you are sure to find a few articles on food habits and heathy eating. In the fast paced lives that we all live, fast food (mostly fried) is a reality hard to escape from. And keeping that in mind we are always on the lookout for healthier options to fry our food in. Palm oil has for a long time been one of the healthier options available and MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) has been in the forefront of promoting it. It is the 100th year of MPOC and they wanted to celebrate it in style and so Team Hungry Hallows landed up at Barbeque Nation to play a Food Hunt!


The day started with team MPOC cordially becoming us and explaining the various benefits of using palm oil. Let me list a few of those:


  • It does not promote atherosclerosis or arterial thrombosis.
  • It is loaded with carotenoids, Vitamin E, Sterols, water soluble powerful antioxidants, phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • It is also said to decrease risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s, cataracts, hypertension etc.
  • Some studies reveal that it may have future role in treating heart disease and cancer.

The small orientation done, the fun began. All the bloggers assembled were divided into small teams of 7 each and given a clue card. (We were part of Team Pooja led by none other than Pooja Dasgupta) The clue card led us to Mocambo, where we solved a few multiple choice questions in full throttle to get our hands on the next clue card.



Rushing into Oasis after solving our 2nd clue card, we had our eyes blindfolded in a jiffy. What followed was a bizarre but very enjoyable attempt at tasting a dish and getting its ingredients right. We had a whale of a time trying to feed ourselves while searching for the plate of food itself! It was hilarious!




Our 3rd clue led us to Trincas, where we had to choose from an assortment of items to try and create our very own salad. A clumsy grab at ingredients and a cut throat salad mixing followed where speed was the order of the day! Though messy, it brought us a lot closer. Laughing and enjoying the clumsiness.




Salad done, we proceeded back to Barbecue Nation for the concluding game of throwing darts. I threw mine at the wall. That is how bad I was at it! No wonder we did not win the gift hamper of chocolates but we have no regrets there. A photo session with props, some good old fashioned bengali adda and some serious overeating that is the norm at Barbecue Nation later we were all contended souls. having spent a day behaving like children at the school treasure hunt.

P.S. Did you know that palm oil is almost tasteless and does not add any odour or taste to your food thereby being preferred by most restaurants!

Disclaimer: This is a paid article. Team Hungry Hallows was invited by MPOC India and paid for this assignment.



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