We are about food. Not only about fancy fine dines and photogenic pop-ups. We are also about college canteens, roadside momos, chaiwalas and ghar ka khana.

Best Food and Culture Blog!

We won! And we can't thank you enough!

We are very pleased to announce that Hungry Hallows won the award for the best Food And Culture Blog at the Top Food Blogger Awards 2018!

A very big thank you to our dear readers for the support and love!


Meet the Team

The three of us have been friends and fellow foodies for the past 2 years. Although our passion for food is second to none but our tastes do vary. That is our strength. We are different but bound together by our love for food. Follow us for a delicious journey.


Meet our superhero blah. Her special powers include laser focus and scorching tastebuds. It is rumoured that she got her superpowers when she fell into a vat of red velvet mix as a child. Most likely to come to your rescue when you are being tormented by "bad dessert king"
Her alterego is Shamoita Bose who is doing her masters in psychology. She loves minions, harry potter, a biker boy and her DSLR.


Quite like many of the budding doctors, from his looks alone, Avradeep (or Avra as we call him) comes across as this quintessential good guy. But to those who know him well, he is anything but. A champion quizzer and an avid reader, Avradeep is an encyclopaedia personified. He knows everything about everything and which extends deep into the delicious world of food. With his blatant honesty we can blindly trust his opinion regarding food.


Meet Ankur Banik aka Ankurda. Beyond his sincere spectacled face and honest smile Ankurda is also a party starter. How he manages to treat countless patients every day and even find time to party at night is a secret he won't reveal. He not only has a big apetite he also has a big heart( not literally!) He is a doctor, a loyal Manchester united fan, a die hard gourmand and our big brother. Warning : He is a hardcore carnivore, so much so that he considers Chicken as a vegetarian dish

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